Update #2 (AUDIO!!)

Hi everyone!!

The lack of audio aside from the jump scares was bad for multiple reasons. I apologize for not having originally included additional audio, and for the jump scare level being too loud. I have hopefully fixed these issues with this update!
In this update:

  • Ambient Audio
  • Footstep SFX
  • Jump Scare Audio level adjustment

I hope you enjoy and can get back to playing. The Old Man and Timmy are...waiting.


The Man in the Park MacOS - v3 68 MB
86 days ago
The Man in the Park Windows - v3 54 MB
86 days ago

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This game was pretty decent before but now with audio, it's even better! Only snag is that you've lessened the impact of the jump scares, but apart from that, it's great! Here is my playthrough, please check it out.


it's a simple neat little game