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You see a man in the park on your walk home. Will you help him?

This is a short PSX-style Horror game I made to dip my toes into Godot. I hope you enjoy it! You can follow me here or on Twitter to keep up with my projects.

Move: WASD
Sprint: L SHIFT
Interact: E
Menu: ESC


Updated 8 days ago
Published 28 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorElliott Dahle
Made withGIMP, Godot, Blender
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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The Man in the Park Windows - v3 54 MB
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NEVER Go To The KRUSTY KRAB At 3AM | 3 Scary Games


Shorter than I expected it to be tbh. 

Fun Game found all # endings

A very short game of horror, Timmy caught me off guard.

cool graphics, and the scare reminded me of that old maze game

cool.It reminded me of the game scp devourer gorka devourer.Some Timmy got stuck in the slide.And the man on the bench asks us to give him one thing.


круто.мне напомнило игру scp пожиратель горка пожиратель.В горке застрял какой-то Тимми.А человек на скамейке просит чтоб мы передали ему одну вещь.

The little boy with good pictures in the game is very scary! He's gonna eat the chocolate from the trash can, right?

Really did not know how to feel about this one. But Timmy really shocked me! Game 1 

[Game 2] I Really Liked The Game The Jumpscares Gave Me A lot Of Nostalgia Reminds Me Of When The Scary Maze Game Came out I Like Games That Have Multiple Endings And Even A Bit Of Comedy Thrown In Amazing For How Short It IS 9/10

Hey OfficerWang! Great video, especially that this was your first multiple short scary game video - it was really well done! I loved your commentary. Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!

Great game, enjoyed it!


Hey Sabrina, great video!! I love the playthrough videos like yours and your video intro is really cool!

Thank you very much!! ^^

I really liked this game! Love that is has multiple endings too. Solid 8/10. Game starts at 02:33 in the video.

Hey AuronSpectre! I loved your video! Thanks for playing and congrats on your growing channel - you have some real high-quality videos!

Dang, this game is pretty short, but it still got me! Nice!

YO THIS MAN is CRAZY!!! This game was short and simple, but dope nonetheless YESSIR!

Nice godot project, it got me a couple of times

I am not going to lie. this game was short but like a funny short. gets right to the point and it teaches you a really good lesson. dont talk to strangers! xD good job! here is my gameplay :)

video starts at 6:53

The game felt really disappointing. I was expecting a little more than static images as jumpscares.

Going to make a video out of this :D It seems interesting

Game starts @00:17.

Although it was short, sometimes its worth not being the good Samaritan.

Haha, awesome video Raz! Thanks so much for playing!

Can I play this game and put up the video of me playing the game on my  gaming channel and put small clips of that video on my other social medias, I will put the game name in post or comments

Hi Sheens121, yes you can! Thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoy!

Though it was short, loved the game!

Hey Ansoni, great video and thanks so much for playing!!

Very good game

I succeeded in all the endings except if there is a secret. hehe!

Great game featured it on my channel check it out!

Hey Darkertc awesome video!! Thanks so much for playing and good luck with your channel!

thanks mate! if you have any more scary games id love to play em!

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

Thanks and much love to you! Great video and thank you for playing!!

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I had a good time playing this game, although it was a bit short. 

good game! Great Jump scares! Hope y’all

Like the video

Good game!!! It was a pretty quick and fun scary game.

Good lesson learned in this little game - Do NOT talk to strangers! You never know if they may be hungry or not.
Second game in video 03:00

Got me good a few times.  Sweet...

Great game. I love that there are different endings and that it was made with Godot. The jumpscare was unnecessary though😭

Here's my gameplay of it (starts at 04:45)

This game was pretty good, also had some great jump scares which you love to see! I think it also taught people a valuable lesson, don't talk to strangers! 10/10 (third game on the video)

TOTALLY not what i expected but still had a fun time nonetheless. Thank you for the fun experience!

The game was fun, I mean it had some texture issues and stuff, but none of it got in the way of my enjoyment

This was awesome I want a full game like this! Great job 👍🏾

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The game has its own up- and downsides - why should you jumpscare people with flat sprites?

What is with the dirt - will it be fixed?

-Lev_new_acc, 9/25/22

i really liked the game. quite funny, not pretentious and creepy at times. i found that some textures(specifically the sand , the thing around the playgorund and the trees render textures in a very strange way, you should check that out.

Pretty cool game! Aside from a little bit of lag, the game did give me a jumpscare! Enjoyed it a lot :)

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What da hell boi 

I will never trust strangers again, thanks video games!

Made a video


TOTALLY not what i expected but still had a fun time nonetheless. Thank you for the fun experience!

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