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You see a man in the park on your walk home. Will you help him?

This is a short PSX-style Horror game I made to dip my toes into Godot. I hope you enjoy it! You can follow me here or on Twitter to keep up with my projects.

Move: WASD
Sprint: L SHIFT
Interact: E
Menu: ESC


PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(78 total ratings)
AuthorElliott Dahle
Made withGIMP, Godot, Blender
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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Straight forward game some crazy twists xD

I wasn't expecting too much out of this game but I did find myself enjoying it! I expected the jump scares, but they still ended up getting me lol good job! 

The jumpscaressss....

didn't expect this to be so scary tbh, or maybe I'm just a wimp.


cool game

i cant open this game with fullscreen

Hi, when you start the game the title screen has a menu and one of the options is full screen. Did you already try that?

(1 edit)

Yes i tried that and when i try to do fullscreen, game closes

Ok thanks, I will take a look!

This is a pretty good game! here is my gameplay on it ;)

This game was pretty good, also had some great jump scares which you love to see! I think it also taught people a valuable lesson, don't talk to strangers! 10/10 (third game on the video)

Game is nice and short ~ wish to see more tho ~ but good job! 

Really enjoyed this little game! Creepy and quite enjoyable! It was the only game a wanted to complete in my 3 random games 😂 well done!!

I'm only go to the park in the Morning from now on.

the title is similar to the man from the window so if you dont know the man from window you have to hide and man will go away in 5 minutes hard game here it is The Man from the Window by Zed_Technician (itch.io)

Thank for this game !

Cool game!

Good game! Straight to the point! Did all the endings. My favorite one was the obvious choice xD


Short horror game with some jumpscares, was a little creepy jogging at night with this serial killer looking fellow on the bench needing help.
So I had to stop! I'm not a jerk!

Had fun with it and got all the endings!

Nice horror jokes, loved it ;D

It's a classic jumpscare, but I found it to be very effective.

I enjoyed playing.



Great little horror game!


boi timmy looked like he was pulled straight from google

you are mean but i like it lol

Great game

it was okay. It took like 2 minutes but thats fine. The thing that bothered me most was the cheap jumpscares that the developer clearly found on the internet, and the quality of the game was just horrible

I really enjoyed this game! Guess I can't talk to random strangers in the park anymore, lol. 

is it a good game

Great Game!

nice 2 minute horror

This game is hillarous

I LOST MY MIND! Watch this before playing.......

I'm playing a bunch of scary games on my channel. Subscribe for a cookie :]

Hey rogertapes! Haha man, I loved your video! Thanks for playing!!

I am still trying to get my heartbeat back to a normal rate after playing this. Spookiest game on this site! Don't believe me? Try it for yourself...

Great video LostZoss! Thank you so much for playing!

I only get two finals. I dont know how to make the second final. Great game

Hi Myllasfreitas! After talking to the old man, be sure to check both trash cans to see if you find anything interesting :). Thanks for playing!!

thanks so much my friend

Klasse 2 Minuten Game!
Alle 3 Endings in einer Aufnahme erwischt, war auch relativ Simpel! Wie wärs mit mehr Optionen, ein neues großes Update? 

Good game! Straight to the point! Did all the endings. My favorite one was the obvious choice xD

Great Game!

I found the game short but interesting. My grade is 9.5, the game just lacked more objective.

It was short and sweet with a good atmosphere, sadly the scares were a little bit predictable. 

I don't know if you thought about extending the game, but I think something like a reverse/revenge mode after getting the 3 endings would be a nice thing to have, just make the player character realize that he/she repeats the same events over and over, endlessly and wants it to finally end.

Had fun with this. Nice and short, got all 3 endings too. Nice!

Great short horror game! Glad there was multiple endings. Hope to see a full length game like this 👍🏾

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